For Managers
Rumson only serves a "limited number" of preferred institutional investors with a long term perspective, US Endowments and Foundations. We only serve institutional investors with a mission.

Respectful, Responsive and Discreet

We are always looking to hear from new managers that we do not know. We are typically very quick in our response. Since like you, we say NO to most opportunities, and yes to very few, we are respectful of all teams and do not believe in wasting their precious time in filing in manager questionnaires or taped interviews. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us at info at the domain name ( or one of the principals through Linkedin. We are grateful and helpful to managers who reach out to us, but our loyalty is to our clients. We only serve our client's (LP) interest.

Best Managers

Good ideas and best managers have no shortage of capital. Most are closed and often have a long waiting list of institutions begging to invest. We work with the best and most desirable long term investors to offer the best managers a value added relationships. We are tirelessly working with our clients for them to be value add LP's for such preferred managers.

Highest Bar

We believe that there are only a handful of firms that will generate truly outstanding results in any given vintage years. It is our goal to identify those outstanding managers.

First Time Funds

Some of the very best funds in the industry have been by first time funds. For some it was their first foray into professional investing activities, following success as entrepreneurs and personal investors. We do not recommend manager that we think will be great in the future. We recommend managers that are already great.

Our Clients

Most of Rumson's clients are US University Endowments or mission based Foundations. We serve sophisticated, discreet investors who can easily identify the best managers and use us a complement to their excellent staff. Many of our limited partners have the very best investment results amongst their peers. We feel this places extra pressure on us to perform to their high bar.

Our independent advice is tailored to each client. We are capable of setting up discretionary and non- discretionary advisory portfolios for institutional clients.

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